Heads Up

Heads Up

Johnstone Burgh's new community group, Heads Up

This new initiative is designed to offer a haven for men to engage in candid conversations about the pressing issues of our times. Set against the backdrop of a safe, confidential, and welcoming atmosphere, participants are invited to partake in discussions over a steaming cup of tea or coffee, complemented by a savoury roll or pie.

Heads Up is proud to extend its services free of charge, recognising the importance of accessible support networks. Scheduled to take place every other Friday at 2pm in the Committee Room at Keanie Park.

We invite all interested individuals to join us for a open and honest experience at Heads Up. Your presence promises to enhance our conversations and contribute to our positive and understanding group. If you feel like you could benefit from our session, we can't wait to see you at our next Heads Up session.

You don't have to deal with the issues of today alone, everyone has a voice.

Empowering not just the players but our equally important supporters.

Men often feel like they can't open up, that's not the case at Johnstone Burgh FC.

2024 Schedule


Sat 12th
Sat 26th


Fri 9th
Fri 23rd


Fri 8th
Fri 15th
Fri 29th


Fri 12th
Fri 26th


Fri 10th
Fri 24th


Fri 7th
Fri 21st


Fri 5th


Fri 2nd
Fri 16th
Fri 30th


Fri 13th
Fri 27th


Fri 11th
Fri 25th


Fri 8th
Fri 22th


Fri 6th
Fri 20th

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